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On The Spot Pest Control – What We Do

On The Spot Pest Control provides a complete line of pest control for families and businesses in the Central New Jersey area. On The Spot Pest Control utilizes the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology when eliminating pest infestations. IPM is a proven system to control the infestations of common household pests. Our trained and professional techniques minimize pesticide use and maximize safety for your family or business. All of our inspectors and applicators are licensed by the state of New Jersey and receive continuing education to stay informed of the latest pest control technology.

Do you have a problem now?

Every day you wait can make pests harder to eradicate. Contact On The Spot Pest Control today and take the first step towards a pest-free home. Call today OR complete the online service form for our free pest evaluation!

Prevent future problems too!

Pest can ruin our homes, health and happiness. These pests come in many different varieties and they come at different times of the year. On The Spot Pest Control have plans to protect your home for all four seasons. By providing regular treatments, we are able to stop pests before they invade your home!