Do you have unwelcome guests? Do you have wild animals trying to take up residence in your home? Are they coming to close for comfort and you just need them removed? On the Spot Pest Control has the services and resources to control wildlife and help homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Undesirable wildlife can and will cause damage, both in the short and long term. Union City, NJ is no different than the rest of the state and country. The encounters between humans and wildlife are increasing. Raccoons, bats, opossums, etc. we can remove them all.

If you find signs, such as droppings and soiled attic insulation, then its time to call the experts. Many wild animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans, including rabies. Often when we enter a possible infestation area, such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces, we find the signs of damage. The damages and problems we find can include chewed wires, fires, matted and damaged insulation, holes in heating and cooling ducts, etc. Just the thought of removing a wild animal sounds ominous. Do not worry, we have your back. We want to return your life back to normal.

The location of Union City lends itself to an abundance of wildlife, thus increasing the chances of human interaction. Nature is nice to look at but not in our home or office. With that in mind, we have based our services on humane animal control and environmentally-responsible techniques. On the Spot Pest Control has many services designed specifically for Union City including: animal control, animal removal, animal damage repair, animal exclusion and animal pest control prevention services. Our job is to mitigate the interactions between animals, humans, and their homes. Through our innovative methods, we have made sure to provide ecologically sound animal control services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

Not only will we remove the wildlife, we strive to educate our customers. The simple understanding of the natural environment we share is one of the first steps in resolving wildlife conflicts with humans. Open-mindedness, education, and consideration solve many perceived wildlife problems deriving from irrational fears. There are times when nature takes care of itself, other times wildlife conflicts must be resolved to prevent further damage to our homes and property, and protect human health and safety.

Steps to Proper Animal Control in Union City:

  • Collect information ? identify animal species involved, the extent of the damage, whether young animals are present, and what and when management procedures can be done to resolve the issue permanently through humane animal removal solutions.
  • Assess seriousness ? Consider impact on the animals involved, safety or health concerns to people or pets, likelihood of recurrence, and whether the animal damage appears to be seasonal or ongoing.
  • Consider options – Our qualified technicians will go over your available options and the necessary steps to completely resolve your wildlife issues. Our options will address the underlying cause of the problem to be effective over the long-term.

On the Spot Pest Control only uses environmentally friendly animal removal techniques for residential and commercial property.

Call us for any animal control or animal removal issue. We have the professional wildlife management solutions you need!

Please Remember to Not FEED Baby Animals!!

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