This time of year On The Spot Pest Control gets increased calls regarding mice in people’s home and businesses. Below are some mice facts for you to be aware of:

  • Life Span of a mouse – is not long but mice are notorious breeders – Just one female mouse can average between 25 and 60 offspring within the year. If this is left untreated you will have a mouse infestation. The average lifespan of a mouse is 12 months outdoors, the numbers can increase to 2 to 3 years if they are living indoors.
  • Breeding –It only take 19 to 21 days for a mouse to give birth to a litter – Each litter typical consists of 5 to 10 pups. Your average mice can give birth between 5 to 10 litters a year, She can mate immediately after birth. – This cycle continues until the mouse dies. The offspring then starts the same cycle.
  • Nuisance– Mice can eat through your valuables and spread disease. – The result is a loss of your time and money.


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