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Unwanted Pests can disrupt the tranquility in a home.  They can cause lots of unforeseen damage; also, they can contaminate your food, which can lead to health problems.  When you experience problems created by unwanted pests this is where On the Spot Pest Control Service in Berkeley Heights comes in.  We will help you by implementing pest control treatments that are most suitable to resolve your unwanted pests’ issues.

Here at On the Spot Pest Control Service in Berkeley Heights we are family owned and operated, with years of high quality, highly recommended pest control services.  The services that we offer range from pest control to animal control.  We offer different pest control maintenance plans that can accommodate all seasons.  We will not just get rid of pests in your home, but also our service will keep them away.  Pest control involves several different steps that many of our competitors may not take.  The first thing that we do is a thorough inspection of your home.  This gives us an opportunity to properly evaluate your current pest’s problems.  We then identify potential pest breeding areas.  This is mandatory before we can begin the pesticide process.  Unwanted pests can be very detrimental to the overall well-being of the homeowner.  They are extremely annoying, can ruin your food, and can spread diseases.  Unwanted pests can create costly damages to the home that can essentially result in a decrease in property value.  At On the Spot Pest Control Service in Berkeley Heights the goal of our residential service to prevent this from happening.  We have plans that will protect your home regardless of what season it is.  The regular treatments that we provide to our customers can stop pests before they even show up in your home.

At On the Spot Pest Control Service in Berkeley Heights we have customized maintenance plans to fit your needs.  These plans include Integrated Pest Management, Complete Pest Services, Power Sprays, same day emergency service, and we have non-chemical use programs available.  Our service has received great reviews from many of our customers.  All our pest control treatments are completely safe and will not harm you, your family, or your pets.  Give On the Spot Pest Control Service in Berkley Heights an opportunity to take care of all of your unwanted pests’ problems.  We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the service that we provide.

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Chris has the best pest control company in the area. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and runs a very organized business. I call him for all of my pest needs. Phone calls are always returned quickly. He is accommodating with scheduling and always arrives on time to do a thorough job. On The Spot will be my pest company for life. 🙂

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