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When we are in our homes, we like to have a feeling of serenity and comfort.  It is possible for this to be threatened by unwanted pests.  Here at On the Spot Pest Control in Westfield we want to eliminate these unwanted pests as soon as they show up.

There is no such thing as a convenient time for unwanted pests to arrive.  It is never a good time for them to be around.  They can do lots of damage to your home as well as cause unforeseen health problems.  Unwanted pests come around during different times of the year.  We have different treatments available for all seasons.  We offer both indoor and outdoor pest control treatments.  Our services can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, and even on a one time basis.  We highly recommend the quarterly service because it will provide your home with the ultimate protection against unwanted pests.  This particular service covers fall, winter, spring, and summer.  The Fall treatments include placing a barrier around your home, which prevent pests such as; ants, ticks, crickets, silverfish, and spiders from invading your home.  During the Winter we do thorough inspection of the interior of your home.  This helps us identify potential pest problems that may arrive later in the year.  During Spring we apply the first perimeter treatment to the exterior part of your home.  In the Summer we focus on the exterior part of your home.  This is peak season for ants, beetles, and yellow jackets.  We can accommodate your pest control needs throughout all seasons.

At On The Spot Pest Control in Westfield we have customized maintenance plans to fit your needs.  These plans include Integrated Pest Management, Complete Pest Services, Power Sprays, same day emergency service, and we have non-chemical use programs available.  Our service has received great reviews from many of our customers.  We are known for our incredibly fast response time long with our ability to resolve difficult pest control issues.  Give on the Spot Pest control in Westfield an opportunity to take care of all of your unwanted pests’ problems.  We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the service that we provide.  For a free estimate please contact our profession technicians.  They will give you a free estimate on the pest control that is service program that is most suitable for you.  In the meantime whether your pest control needs are either commercial or residential On The Spot Pest Control in Westfield can definitely accommodate your needs.

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Chris has the best pest control company in the area. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and runs a very organized business. I call him for all of my pest needs. Phone calls are always returned quickly. He is accommodating with scheduling and always arrives on time to do a thorough job. On The Spot will be my pest company for life. 🙂

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