Pest & Termite Control

Did you know that more than half a million people are admitted to the emergency room annually as a result of insect bites and stings? In addition, termites are responsible for $1-$2 billion in property damage each year.

As a result, proactive homeowners are contacting On The Spot Pest Control ( for pest control and termite control solutions. Your licensed technician will protect your home and family by performing a comprehensive inspection of your property, and providing “summer services”.

These services include a renewal of the protective barrier around your home to prevent seasonal pests that include spiders, millipedes, ants, beetles, yellow jacket bees and wasps. Your technician will also treat flying insect nests to eliminate active populations, and may also complete a thorough interior inspection to enhance the protection for your loved ones.

Take the proactive step of contacting On The Spot Pest Control online at, or call them at (908) 350-8215. On The Spot Pest Control is a family owned and operated business serving all of Franklin with a complete line of reliable residential and commercial pest control services using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology to eliminate infestations, and always responds rapidly and effectively to every client’s specific needs. Headquartered in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, the company is fully licensed and insured.