Are you seeing insects that look like flying ants? Have you had your home or office inspected for termites? Left untreated, termites can make quick work of your residential or commercial building, causing significant property damage and headache. Trust Randolph’s most reliable and trusted choice in pest control. You can be assured On the Spot Pest Control will protect your house and home from termites. From our free inspection and upfront estimates to our powerful treatments and experienced technicians, you’ll learn what thousands of other homeowners in Randolph have: On the Spot Pest Control lives up to its name.

Termites look for cracks, expansion joints, hollow bricks or concrete blocks around plumbing for an access point to the tasty wood within your home. All it takes is an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch. It is recommended that New Jersey homeowners receive a termite inspection at least once a year including homes that have been recently serviced. Not all Randolph, NJ termites are the same, but Subterranean Termites are the main culprits. Not every home is constructed the same, thus it’s obvious that every termite infestation should not be treated the same. Each home should be thoroughly inspected with a specialized treatment prescribed.

Why are professional termite inspections important?

  • Typically, homeowner’s insurance does not provide protection against termite damage
  • Termite colonies or damage may not be visible to the untrained eye
  • No home is safe from a termite infestation
  • Termites cause more damage to homes each year than fire and floods combined

There are many myths surrounding termites, and we thought we should mention some of the truths about termites. Per the NPCA Field Guide to Structural Pests:

  • More than 365,000 homes will need the fire department this year. But over 2 million homes will require termite treatment.
  • Homeowners insurance will help recover losses from fires, storms and earthquakes, but it is almost impossible to carry insurance against termite infestation

How to identify termites. Termite workers are wingless, white to grayish-white with a round, yellow-brown head and about 6 to 9 mm (1/4 to 3/8 inch) long. Swarmers have straight, bead-like antennae, a thick waist and a pair of long, equal-length wings that break off easily. The existence of winged termites or wings that have shed inside a home are signs of a termite infestation.

To learn more about our extensive termite treatment and prevention program call us today and speak to one of our amazing specialists. You’re also welcome to submit a Contact Us form while you’re here on our site. On the Spot Pest Control practices the most effective treatment methods for termite elimination.

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